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Espresso Twenty 3 12oz Coffee

Espresso Twenty 3 12oz Coffee

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ESPRESSO / Es•pres•so /: Both a coffee beverage and a brewing method, espresso is not a type of coffee bean but a process where water is forced through finely ground coffee under pressure. The truth is, espresso can be made from any type of coffee bean, though some beans make a much tastier espresso.

Our Espresso “Twenty 3” is carefully blended to bring out a sweet aroma with a slight fruity taste and finishes with a hint of chocolate. This blend is perfect for making not only a delicious espresso but also cappuccinos and lattes.

Our Gourmet Blends bring together two or more Single Origin coffees, carefully blended to create unique flavors that cannot be obtained from Single Origins alone. By combining the distinct strengths of individual Single Origin coffees, we offer your palate an experience of flavors unachievable through a Single Origin coffee. Enjoy the artistry and complexity of our Espresso “Twenty 3” from Acadian Coffee Roasters and savor a truly exquisite coffee experience.