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Decaf Peru Medium Roast 12oz Coffee

Decaf Peru Medium Roast 12oz Coffee

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Experience the delightful flavors of our Co-Op Centrocafe Single-Origin coffee, sourced from the esteemed Centrocafe cooperative. This coffee offers a harmonious blend of milk chocolate and nutty notes with a soft citrus finish, creating a complex and enjoyable flavor profile. The aroma is enriched with light cocoa notes and a blend of fruits, making each cup a sensory delight.

Region: Co-Op Centrocafe
Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Nutty Notes, Soft Citrus
Aroma: Light Cocoa Notes, Blend of Fruits
Body: Full Bodied
Acidity: Mild

Single-Origin coffee is grown within a single known geographical region, allowing you to taste the distinct characteristics of the land where it is farmed. Our Co-Op Centrocafe coffee embodies the unique traits of this region, showcasing the dedication to quality and tradition. Each batch is carefully selected for its exceptional quality and individual flavor characteristics, ensuring a premium coffee experience.

The majority of Single-Origin coffees are cultivated and harvested by single farms, known as “single estates,” most of which are family-owned and operated. This dedication is evident in every cup of our Co-Op Centrocafe coffee.

Indulge in the rich, full-bodied taste and mild acidity of Co-Op Centrocafe Single-Origin coffee from Acadian Coffee Roasters. Perfect for those who appreciate a well-rounded and flavorful coffee that captures the essence of its origin.